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Our blog, dedicated to men's health, brings together several articles about sexual disorders and their treatments. 

Founded in June 2019  with the aim of bringing patients closer to sexologist doctors, our medical platform ( allows easy and fast dematerialized appointments (phone call, messaging, videoconference) with sexologist doctors.

Help men get reliable information about their sexual problems

Our observation was simple: many men, even today, have difficulty talking about their intimate problems, to the detriment of their health;  not only sexual, but also relational, affective, emotional. 

Because  sexuality disorders often lead to other pathologies  : depression, malaise, poor self-esteem, negative impact in the couple...

The second observation was that many men turn to the internet:  which is the worst thing to do  . 

A blog to educate men about the dangers and scams of the internet

It should be kept in mind that the market for fraudulent drugs on the internet is very lucrative, even more so for erection products.  The information that we find is therefore often dishonest and the sites malicious: fake pharmacies, dubious or absent “medical” opinions, bad information, high “drug” prices, etc.

We remind you that only a pharmacy has the right to sell medicines and that  selling on the internet in France is illegal  for security reasons;  drugs must be approved by different medical authorities  so that they pose no risk to the patient.

A blog to help men deal with their intimate problems

It is therefore through these many issues that was born to raise awareness among men, and on a larger scale, the entire population;  Because sexuality issues affect everyone  .

The most well-known male sexuality  disorders relate to erection and ejaculation disorders  , but these are not the only difficulties that can be encountered during life: decreased libido, hormonal deficits, Andropause, Sexually Transmitted Infections… 

At each period of life its sexual disorders;  which, moreover, are not all related to age.  You will therefore find on our blog information on these subjects, in order to better  understand human health  and its mechanisms.

We address all the themes of sexuality  and the troubles that a man can encounter;  and above all we attach great importance to warning against  fraudulent products sold over the counter on the internet  .

We thus hope to reorient many men in  a course of quality care  , and to avoid unnecessary risks for them. 

We therefore offer serious medical advice on all  erection drugs and their contraindications: Viagra, Cialis, Tadalafil and Sildenafil among others.

But we also remember the benefits of a balanced diet, regular sports practice, for  staying hard during sex and help men find a healthy relationship with their body through different herbal medicines or different lifestyles.

If many attitudes or products are to be avoided for sexuality,  we advise men so that they adopt the right gestures and the right behaviors.  

Finally, we hope to provide answers in this blog, and for men who would like more information, to put them in contact with our various doctors, who are the most competent on these subjects of sexuality.


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